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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Long Vacation

OK, this is the barn. I wanted it a the end of my post, but I'm not sure about how to get it there.

This past November/December, Audrey and I went on a very long vacation. We had several stops along the way. I will save the main reason we headed east for the last of these posts, just to keep you in suspense. Here we are in North Carolina. We are visiting a very old plantation built in the early 1800s. Audrey is doing a little reading before we enter the gate.

This is Audrey standing by the cotton... she indulged me in many of the photos. ;)

Here is the main house. I was amazed by the height of the tree. It towered over the house. The stairs leading into the house are original to the home. ( I sat on them, but won't show you the photo!)

Here is the inside of the slave quarters. I just love the way this photo came out.

One of the out buildings.

I wanted to bake some bread in the kitchen while there.

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Mom said...

You are so special.

I love the place.

Love you more.