Abundant Living at Valley Oak

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Accomplished Day

The finished blanket for Emma!!

After reflecting on my day, I was surprised I accomplished a little more than I had planned. I finished a blanket (finally). I will show you a picture as soon as my replacement cable for my camera arrives. I am half way through knitting a dish cloth (not sure how much I like the pattern). I cut the pattern for a stuffed animal and pinned it to the fabric. I am helping Audrey with this project and she will have to take over soon. :) I talked to my brother twice on the phone. We finished all of Audrey's school-I love it when we finish everything on our list. Now I need to get a new list going for the many tasks that need to be finished around the house. I love lists...I truly am a list person. I love everything about them: making them, reading them, checking them off... Fun! Fun! Fun! ( I know. Weird, right?) I need to finish the laundry tonight..... I also have another post from my vacation to work on..... Have a Blessed one!

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