Abundant Living at Valley Oak

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Day 23, Just a sprinkle of snow...

Print out the beautiful calender

Gently draw on glue where you would like it, I placed mine on the top of the branches.
Generously sprinkle with glitter
Shake of all the extra glitter and step back and admire your beautiful calender.
Today's project was just a fun project. Not a gift, but just to make myself smile. Creature Comforts offers a free calender every month, which I just happen to adore. So I went with her suggestion and enhanced my beautiful calender. If you would like to make your own head on over and print one out and I guarantee you will have a sweet smile on your face just like I do.
BTW- I had to see some snow, we haven't had but a smidgen and nothing in over a month!

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