Abundant Living at Valley Oak

Monday, November 14, 2011

Warm fires

I am a few weeks away from completing the semester. I have been busy with papers, exams, lesson plans and life in general. As fall lingers to a halt here in my neck of the woods, I find my mind wandering to anything and everything that does not involve school. In fact here are the things I would rather be doing...
Sitting in front a nice warm fire,
Knitting a baby sweater,
baking nice hot bread,
reading a sweet novel,
drinking a hot cup of coco,
lingering with friends around the table,
enjoying family and friends, and finally
sitting at the feet of my Lord.

But most of this will have to wait, just a little while. I will force myself to focus on these last few weeks of school and then take a much needed break.
I thought we could have some fun these next few weeks and see if we can look at ways to enjoy the holidays without adding extra pounds. We can look at ways to have a healthy festive holiday season. Would you like to exchange recipes, and have a little fun? I sure would.


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And yes, cuddle with the other half...