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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Happy Hostess...

Country Living

"To all who live in simple unpretentious houses, successful party-giving amounts to little more than the friendly enthusiasm of the host or hostess!
Etiquette- Emily Post

Don't you just love the simplicity of this table setting? I would love to set a table that looked like that. However, it never happens! There are several reasons, but the biggest is, how do you eat with all the ornaments on the table. Where do you put the food?

Entertaining should be fun and fuss free, wouldn't you agree? Buffets or pot-luck dinners are wonderful and help to decrease stress for the hostess. How do entertain during the holidays? Are you formal or laid back? Do you have a large menu and many guests? Do you keep it simple and limit the food?

Tomorrow I would like to talk about appetizers. I thought we could spend some time looking at healthy options that are filling and delicious. Ideas that won't have you tied to the kitchen and worn out by the time guests arrive. Dishes that will allow you to be a Happy Hostess. I'll see you tomorrow be sure to bring your favorite recipes.

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