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Monday, August 1, 2011

On the needles...

Here we go again. I am attempting to make a baby sweater. I love, love, love knitting. I enjoy baby projects the most. I must have some sort of knitting going on, it brings me peace, and soothes away any stress. At this point in time, I have no little ones due, but who knows, my friends now have married children who may someday have need for a sweet baby sweater. I will need to make it in a different color. I don't think most enjoy the colors I like. This color is honey, it reminds me of fall leaves, pumpkin pie, and all things warm and wonderful about fall. I find Debbie Bliss to be an excellent place to start. I have enjoyed the many patterns I have made from her books. I finally purchased this one, before the library banned me from using their copy. I am having fun.


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Karen Andreola said...

From one knitter to another I like the color. Honey is a good color for a little honey bear of a baby.
Debbie Bliss has nice traditional patterns that are timeless.