Abundant Living at Valley Oak

Sunday, July 31, 2011

An evening walk

This evening Little's and I ventured out for a walk. It was not just any ordinary walk, our walk had a purpose.

We were blessed with the many beauties our Lord has created. We carefully passed by the fields of wild grass.

We wound our way down to the creek. And enjoyed the many wonders of water and marsh plants.

Upon reaching our destination we joyfully set about the business of collecting specimens of the most perfect shapes and colors. Taking care to harvest only a few here and there, noting we will be sure to return in the near future.

Once we returned home we reminisced, and gazed upon our prized possessions. Noting how lovely they will look in a white vase on the dinning room table.

Blessings to all

Now for the truth, the distance is about a stones throw from my back yard. The creek is just a drainage ditch that runs behind our house, and we were eaten alive by bugs. But in my mind it was a beautiful place and I was with my sweet little girl.

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