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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Beware! May be harmful to eyes

I have been looking for a nice woven hand bag for the summer. You know kinda beachy, summery... I found some that were over my price limit, or not the right shape, color. Then Odd found this one and showed it to me... "Perfect" I was so excited. The she turned it around, revealing the true identity of the creature. Awful. But it was perfect, and less than 10.00. So I went ahead and made the splurge. And now it is just lovely. Twenty minuets of deconstruction, and a new bag was created.

I know beads are all the rage this year, sandles even have them or fake stones... Yuck, not my style. So bye-bye beads....
Another Veiw.... So sad.
The reveal, I sewed a flower out of the beads I liked.
have a blessed day

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