Abundant Living at Valley Oak

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Home Tour- Laundry Room

I figured I would start with the laundry room. It is my "girly" room. I love going in my laundry room. I know, call me weird, but I can't help it. I made it pleasing to the eye, lets face it there is nothing pleasing about stinky socks and dirty undies. The other reason I love this room is because I only have two rooms in my apartment where you can see the outside world, green plants and a lush lawn.
I keep all of my cleaning supplies in a cute iron basket on top of the dryer for easy access. Right now I also have my fluffy bath mat waiting for the drying rack.

I keep a hand towel next to the washer to dry my wet hands off. I also like the cheerful color it brings to that side of the room.

I have the most wonderful smelling linen spray. I use it to iron my pillow cases, they are the only bed linen that get ironed. I also give my bed linens a spritz in between washing, just to keep them smelling fresh. Finally I enjoy burning a candle while I am working on laundry. Right now it is apple cobbler. All and All I am happy while washing out our dirty laundry. :)

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