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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Cake Class

Today Audrey and I went to our 1st cake decorating cake class. I think we will really have a lot of fun. After we went with the cute guy and cute kid to hang out. The cute kid wanted a hair cut, some new shoes and sweatshirt... and just kidding. He paid for his sweat shirt. I will sneak a picture of his new cut and post tomorrow. While we were out we found the cutest apron for Audrey. She is growing to a young lady and works in the kitchen with me a lot. So the cute guy splurged, wink wink, we found it at Ross'.

Here she is showing off her new apron while clearing the table.
And again, see her cute smile. This month her braces have lavender rubber band thingies.

I just love the pattern. It has a vintage pattern and the colors are so cool together.

By the way.... this was dinner for tonight. Chicken Cacciatore with crispy Polenta and lots of green veggies. Love them veggies!
Many blessings.

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