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Monday, January 12, 2009


Today I almost finished cleaning up the last of the garage. I have been putting this off for - lets say 6 months. Messes drive me crazy. After a move from a larger home to our smaller apartment, and the rooting around and dismantling of the neatly stacked boxes for the holiday items, it was somewhat overwhelming. I don't like clutter at all, although I do have my secrete stashes of clutter in the house. Finally, I am down to a few small piles: trash, thrift, you get the picture. I still have to reorganize what is out there, but at least bulk of the work is done.
I did find some treasures while sorting, yeah! I found some items that I can turn into wonderful gifts for next year. Hidden in the deluge was huge basket of yarn, with my knitting and crocheting books, yeah for treasures. I also found 2 unfinished small wall quilts. It should hold me over for a while. :)
I finally got my camera cable and memory cards, but alas my camera was just plain tired... So the Cute Guy (hubby: that is what I call him) kindly purchased a new one. He love his wife. :) So I wait.... hopefully only until Thursday.

I always try to decide what is for dinner the night before. I check out my menu and decide on the dish to prepare. I usually make a menu every two weeks, but don't assign them a day... I like being very flexible.. Like today I was going to make a roast chicken, but the time got away so I had to make an alteration to Swedish meatballs. (only because they were a quick rescue)So I will post the menu for the next day on my blog... :)

Menu for Tuesday:
Slow roasted Chicken
rustic mashed potatoes and garlic
homemade rolls
steamed broccoli

many blessings

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