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Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Reason for the trip......

We also we went to see my daughter Sara and her husband Josh. They took us to a museum in Raleigh. It was magnificent... Here were the whales.

The giant sloth... He was huge!

Scary bones! Yikes! But get ready for the real reason in the next photo....
We found a nest of eggs and we also found my precious Emma. This is my little darling. She was born a month early, so we extended our visit to help Sara and Josh. What a sweet blessing she is.
Here I am with all of my girls: Audrey, Sara and Emma.

Little hands bring such joy. May she love the Lord with all her heart.

We also went to Colonial Williamsburg for Audrey's birthday! Sara and Josh took us to D.C., but I will post the photos when said camera cable arrives.....

Many Blessing to all

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