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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Organization- clean it up and clear it out.

I have been following A Bowl Full of Lemons Home organization for a while. But a few weeks a go I decided it was time to give it a try. I am very pleased with the results. I cant tell you how happy it makes me.  You see I live in military housing and have little if no leeway to create my dream house. I have standard kitchen cabinets, hospital sticky tile floors, ugly wire shelves and the list goes on. So after living here for over two years I am taking control of my home... It will be mine, I will work with what I have and make it beautiful to me. Although, I must confess, I drool over Toni's house over at a bowl full of Lemons. I love her kitchen and her style. Clean, simple, pretty and uncluttered. I even love her white walls. Here is another confession- I am terrified of color! I love the look in the magazines, and blog land. But I really am afraid of color, or maybe I just love white!

So here are my ugly wire shelves in the Laundry Room. New Baskets and Labels really do tame the clutter. I still don't like looking at the wire, so I am going to find a fix. I don't like ruffles and no curtains-so these are out of the question. Does ANYONE have any ideas?



 I need to fix the top shelf

P.S. I will show the whole laundry room once I am finished and the kitten has adapted to his new litter box. One is really stinky and the other EMPTY! I don't know if it is going to work. The directions said place both together and don't clean the old one. I am on day two... and I had to remove some of the little offenders that were assaulting my nose. Pray for me!

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