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Friday, June 7, 2013

Pretty Fridge...

So here is the back story...
I was reading a post on Frolic about making your fridge pretty (Imagine: Confetti poppers raining down around me).  So I set about making a pretty fridge. I loved opening the door, everything was pretty. It made me want to forage, gaze and even think about cooking (I have been in a minor slump for about a year).
But all my hopes were dashed by my two wonderful fridge wrecking adult children. They did not feel the vibe, the creativity, the inner artist. Instead they shoved, crammed, rearranged (hurricane style). Can you believe they even put ugly plastic containers in this beautifully styled fridge!
So now, my beautifully styled, magazine worthy fridge looks like a normal, boring, unappealing fridge. What a shame! I am glad I have a photo to remember my vision of a beautiful life. :)
I guess my slump will continue...

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