Abundant Living at Valley Oak

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Winter Closet

A little fall nesting was in order. I prepped the entry closet for winter. Switching out summer jackets and sweaters for thicker warmer coats is a must around here. My car looked like a giant icicle this morning.
Blankets stored for easy access.
Warm coats and scarves all ready for extensive use.
A large basket for unused slippers.

A basket for small items.
A storage bag for larger items.

Mittens, gators, and hats all within easy reach.

All ideas are from Martha's Nov. issue.
What do you do to prep for winter?


Kim said...

Gosh...can you come and work a little of your magic at my house? You are SO ORGANIZED!! Okay. I lied. I told you your blog always makes me happy. Today I'm bummed that my closets don't look like yours! HA HA! Also...do ya think you could mail me some home baked bread? ;~)

Kim said...

I meant to say, "warm, buttery, hot-from-the-oven home baked bread"!!