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Thursday, May 6, 2010

The perfect match...

While out and about today, doing my errands I happened to be next to the goodwill (how did that happen?). While looking for my usual paraphernalia I spied this lovely chair. Solid wood, clean, and the color (wow). Doubtful as to the cost, I found the price tag finally 12.00. I grabbed the nearest clerk and had her right me a ticket. My husband will kill me, we have no room in our tiny apartment. But we are moving in a few weeks (yikes), so I know we can find a spot in our new home (hopefully)!!! So with no further ado, here it is...

Quilted brown, old solid wood. Excuse the vac. cord in the back ground as well as the sewing machine cord, and any other un-tidy area. Today is cleaning day, and I usually make a mess when I am cleaning. LOL
Not only did I love it, but it is a perfect match for my sofa. My big, huge, sectional, that never seems to have enough room for everyone!!! I hope you all have similar find in your favorite shops.
Have a good day, I need to finish my cleaning... before the cute guy returns to the house and thinks he's in a war zone.


Anna said...

Lovely chair.

And...I, too, make a mess when I clean!

Kimmie said...

So glad you love your new chair. What a fun find and the perfect match for your house to be.

Enjoy your hotel time...hope you will find time to share about some of your experiences.

Adding you to my blog list...hoping we can become *real* friends.

(I have been told that Amazon has the book for less than Lisa's site.)

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