Abundant Living at Valley Oak

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

All is peaceful

The end of the holidays, brings the start of winter. A cozy fire, hot coffee, and sweater pants so toasty am I. The house is almost back to normal, just some laundry left to do. I am looking forward to some quite time to reflect on the wonder of our Lord, and just enjoy the peaceful company of my children. The girls returned home today, I cried, but I am sure Josh is happy to have them back home with him. Blessings to all.
List of work accomplished today:
bedding laundered
tree down
boxes tucked away
floors cleaned
window sills dusted
errands ran
family loved

1 comment:

Kim said...

Sounds like a plan. With help from Darcey and Zach, we took down and put away all of the Christmas stuff yesterday except the wreaths outside. They can stay up until after New Years Day. I'm with you...want to quietly reflect on our Lord and His mighty love for us.