Abundant Living at Valley Oak

Monday, September 7, 2009

Task Master

First things first.... This is hammy and she loves bling. She has her own blog, I will have to get her web site. Unfortunately, it will have to wait, currently she is training for her next 5k wheelathon. She is one sweet hamster with exquisite taste. She believes our 90 degree weather still warrants pink, not the warmer hues of fall.
How was your holiday? Mine was spent tidying up some much need areas...

Laundry *check*

Refrigerator purged *check*

Breakfast ingredients prepped *check*

Loving my family *check*

Now I shall retire for the night:
comfy pjs, good book, hot tea..... *check*, *check*, *check*

Good Nite All

1 comment:

Gay said...

Just stopped in to tuck you in.

I love you.