Abundant Living at Valley Oak

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Visiting with my family

While at home I managed to get this wonderful shot of my parents! They are very anti camera, but this is a treasure.
We also giggled a lot!!!
Played with the horse!

Had a blast with the new (old) wagon. Mom found this wagon for 12.00. What a steal.... I will post more about the wagon tale later!

Played with Audrey. Dog pile was the activity of choice.

And visited with the only child left at home. Sissy, strange how she managed to be called Sissy, that is what I have been called all my life. Are they lonely, do they miss me??? I only hope there is no resemblance that plagued them to name her Sissy. Hummm.... LOL I love you mom, and no I don't mind the dog being called sissy. :)
Blessings to all!

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Mom said...

Thank you so very much for posting the pictures! What a great time we had with you and Aud while you were here.