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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I am back.

I am back from my mini vacation. Audrey and I went to visit my parents, and family. It was such a nice relaxing time. I will post some photos later. I have been a bit under the weather today. The kids have bible study tonight, so I am forcing myself to get them there. Summer is slowly winding down, before I know we will all be back to our studies. Today I set up Audrey's history reading basket, it is full for the first half of the year. Hopefully we will get through most of it before the winter. I have most of the lessons planned for the first half of the year. My plans are so simple, and work so that if we have unexpected interruptions we just pick up where we last left off. I love it that way I don't have a bunch of rewriting and jumping around. It works for us, so I will continue to use this system faithfully.
Blessings to all,


Kimmie said...

Welcome back!

I am definitely not ready to have summer wind down yet (as here in CT, it has been raining daily since May...I kid you not).

Curious as to what your simple plans are?

mama to 7
one homemade and 6 adopted

Paula said...

I lived in Wa state for 8 years, we always had rain. I remember my husband asked when was I going groc. shopping once, I said when it stops rainning. He laughed and said, well, we should loose a lot of weight then. I rained 90 day straight that year. LOL