Abundant Living at Valley Oak

Monday, June 1, 2009

I finished it.

I finally finished a baby blanket last night. It was fun to make, but took much longer than planned. I had to push it back due to time constraints on my end. But it is finally finished and will gently wrap a new addition to a happy family. The cute guy has a co worker that had a precious little one 10 days ago. So I am not to far off schedule.
Here is a photo of my next project, this will be perfect for chilly fall nights. Well winter nights around here, we don't have much fall like weather. Our trees don't even loose their leaves until late November. But I couldn't resist. It keeps me busy, and I am learning how to read patterns. I usually free style my crochet projects. I am using homespun yarn in bourbon, the harvest called for in the pattern was a bit to bright for my eyes.
Have a blessed night.


~MG said...

It's beautiful! Way to go on finishing it... completing projects always seems to take me longer than expected!

I have no doubt that your autumn wrap will be equally as gorgeous.

Beautiful work!

Vanilla Lavender said...

Oh! That baby blanquet is adorable!! Love it's colors. Great job! Vanessa