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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Homeschool Reflections

I was just wondering how all of you homeschooler's are doing out there? This time of year can seem harder than the rest of the year believe me. I know in the past I have always struggled through the last half of the school year, now in my 10th year of homeschooling, I really don't sweat it.

Homeschooling tends to be cyclic, just as there are seasons in the year, homeschooling seems to have it own rhythm. I have found most tend to be full steam in the fall. I usually tend to stick very closely with the schedule. Beefing up is what I call it, like bears before hibernation, strange, but really that is what it feels like.
But the holidays seem to interrupt the flow, or at least divert the course somewhat. Even though I love, and I mean "LOVE" the holidays they some how seemed sabotage my whole plan. LOL My plans had been foiled, or at least that is how I felt. It always seemed so hard to get back into the rhythm I had before.
Then blows in the winter, around here I tend to let up on the schedule. I tend to be more relaxed with the textbook learning, and focus on videos, books, and things that bring warmth during the bleak months. I would panic after realizing we hadn't "hit the books" in a week or two... (Well, that is not completely true we always do math, I never skip math. I feel like it is such a waste of time to skip math, even during the summer, because you have to review so much.) yikes we are getting behind.
Then the blessed awakening of spring, and the new life all around us. Books get placed on the back burner, the C. Mason approach really kicks in here.... Nature walks, and science tend to be the flavor of the season here. Spring Fever, is a hard one to fight. Don't even try.
When I was new to homeschooling, as in, up until about 3 years ago, I would have a panic attack every year. You know- we aren't even close to being done, we are going to have to extend the year, my kids a ruined. Every year I would struggle with- this is crazy, my kids need to be learning, I am failing, blah, blah, blah. I can't tell you the amount of time this consumed me. Nor can I tell you how my poor husband, who would hear endless (really) hours of me rambling, managed not to just smack me in the head. :) Every year I would work through this, only to see it resurface again and again.
Finally about 3 years ago, after panic reared its ugly head again, was able understand what was going on. I had been praying about it, because I knew it was coming, just like old faithful. LOL It wasn't until than that I was able to see the "seasons", and begin to understand there is nothing to panic over. What I am trying to say is, use the seasons to your advantage. There is nothing wrong with you or your approach to home school. You wouldn't try to grow big juicy watermelons in the dead of winter, no, you would wait for that season and use it to its full advantage.
I am going to write more on this, because homeschooling is my passion. God has blessed me with privilege of tending to my wonderful children, and I can never talk enough about all the wonders he has done in me.

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