Abundant Living at Valley Oak

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Odds creations

Ok, so when Odd gets creative she really turns up a storm. For a mama who hates messes, it is a bit hard to swallow. We live in a small apartment with no spare room or rooms. So the dining room table is the crafting area, but we have an open floor plan, so the mess can be seen from all areas (-bathroom). So here she is in all her mess (glory).

Look at me! What can I create today? Hummm

Three hours later.....

But what is a mom to do, when she get wonderful gifts. Like her yummy cake.

Or a cute pair of cloths pins for the memo board.

She even made a set for her room.
Many blessing!! Enjoy your day.


Anna said...

Impressive basket weave on the cake!

Paula said...

Thank you it was her first attempt. She is a sweet girl. :)