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Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Reveal- Audreys room

Today Audrey wasn't feeling very well. She fell back to sleep after waking to her alarm. Any how, I figured today would be a good day to clean her room. I really hadn't finished it, after all we have only been here for 5 months. Yikes! Here are the fruits of my labor.

The culprit!
The haul!
1 bag for goodwill, 1 bag trash, 1 bag of Christmas decor, 2 dish towels, 1 basket of yarn, not pictured are 1 pair of brand new running shoes (still in box), that I had given up on finding. Yea! I almost bought a new pair last week.

She has been waiting for me to put up her new shelves. Done! Now her Paris theme is in full bloom!

Here is another shot.

Panning around the room, her dresser from Walmart last year.

The bed!
Full of pillows, and animals. I have a few pillows on my bed, but that is to much work for this mama.

Her Paris bulletin board, with her favorite Renoir postcards. We went to an art exhibit last year featuring his work. We really enjoyed it.

A box!

Her favorite box!

I hope you had a productive day. I know I did. Have blessed day.

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