Abundant Living at Valley Oak

Monday, February 9, 2009

Frugal Fixes

Have you ever had a smell in your washing machine. The kind that offends your nostrils each time you lift the lid? Well, with our wonderful apartment we got the use of some "lovey" machines courtesy of the landlords. They are small, the ones in my garage are big and nice. But they wouldn't allow me to remove the said machines and replace with my own. Needless to say, the said machines came with some serious funk. So I ran them with bleach, and hot water trying to kill the stench. I couldn't get it gone. So I did what any good, kind, loving, domestic woman would..... I googled. I found many products to treat this condition for lots of $$$$$, and also needing monthly treatments to follow to keep the offender from returning. So I resorted to a little old fashion trick. Baking Soda, and 1 cup of $ store vinegar. It was gone, not to return. Well I should say I repeat this trick on the 1 of the month (usually). Well that makes this lady one happy lady. I now deem this product a frugal fix.


Ryan said...

I think we are kindred spirits. I can't keep myself away from the vinegar, baking soda, borax ...

It's shocking how well you can clean things for just pennies. I've been duped all these years!

Enjoy your day. I had fun poking around your blog.

Anna said...

Whoops! I used my husband's account. It was really me who wrote that last comment.

(Sheepishly sorry ...)