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Friday, February 27, 2009

frugal fixes- Water marks on table

Have you ever had water marks on your wood tables. You know, when you place a glass on the surface not using a coaster, or from hot items setting on your table. There is an easy, no cost fix to remove the marks from your tables, with out painting or tossing.

Step one- break out your steam iron, and a bath towel. Set on steam, or high. You need the steam for this to work.
Step two- place the towel over the marks on the table. Now here is the scary part, take your iron with the steam on and place on the towel over the mark. Hold over the area for a few moments, ( maybe a min. or two) I lift the towel to check to make sure I am hitting the right area. Continue until the mark is gone.

How do I know this works? Two years ago the cute guy gave me a dining room table, and a hot pan left a mark on the table. I was so upset so I googled and found the procedure and tried it. I was so nervous, I didn't want to make it worse and cause more damage. But to my amazement it really worked. There is no sign of a mark on my table, two year later. Yey! I don't know how it would work on wood laminate, my table is cherry wood. Now that is a really cheap frugal fix.

Tomorrow is our final cake class. I will post a picture of the finished cakes, at least Audrey's.

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