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Monday, February 23, 2009

Frugal Fixes- The swiffer broom

Do you have a swiffer broom, do you get tired of spending money to use of the those quick fixes. I sure do, but I love my swiffer. Here is some money saving advice, that will give you a better bang for your buck. I purchased this particular one, but you can make your own. It is a simple flannel rectangle cut the same size as a disposable cloth. I have also purchased the microfiber cloths at the dollar store and used them. I love the way microfiber works so well on dust. I just toss it in the wash when I am done, and voila ready for the next time.

The flannel cloth for a swiffer.

Look, it works just as well. Sorry this was from my bathroom after blow drying my hair. I didn't even show the dirtiest part. Yuck!!!

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