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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Fresh Start

Today I felt the need to dig into a deep cleaning. I cleaned out the Icebox, I love a bare fridge. Well not bare, I went to the market yesterday. Lot's of fresh veggies. I did our laundry, and have one load drying as I write. I dusted, and dusted, and dusted. Where does all that dust come from? LOL The floors are clean, and the kitchen is fresh. I love the smell of Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day counter spray, geranium scent. So the counters got a small spritz, and it smells wonderfully fresh. I ran a few errands today, and while I was out washed the car. Oh, to live in a house again. We aren't allowed to wash our cars here at the apartment. I signed myself and Audrey up for a Wilton's cake decorating class, course one. I was lucky they were having the class for $17.50 and then a $5.00 coupon, so we paid $12.50 each. Wow! I am excited to take this class with her. While running around I found a "Faux" orchid, in a dusty valentines pink. Very springy. Just a touch of color to brighten up the house. I am still waiting on my camera, I will post a photo when it finally arrives.
Menu For Friday
Sweet n Sour Shrimp
and green veggie

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