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Monday, January 26, 2009

All in a days work!

Fresh fruit and iced cranberry juice to start the day off right.
An afternoon game of words.
A hot pot of chicken soup.
A lite bowl of jello.

Who ever said we moms do nothing but eat bon-bons all day! As I reflect on the day (usually as I fall in to my bed at days end), sometimes I find many things are accomplished. Then some days not so much as a crumb is picked up. Well, I have fun and hang out with a really fun young lady. Today as we read the many books to read.... such as Wakefield by N. Hawthorne, and Leonardo Da Vinci by E. Hahn, we laughed, pondered and went places we will most likely never see. But most of all we had fun, yes, even during Hawthorne.I must say some of his short stories are very odd, but I really like his style. After all the "real" work was done we played a game of words. (We call it the word game because we ain't so smart....we doesn't come up with many big words. LOL) We also cooked up a huge pot of soup, some for dinner and some for the freezer. I used my Le Creuset stock pot, purchased for a mere $4.95 at the px it was a sidewalk sale. We ate our $1.50 box of jello in my fancy dishes (my treasures). The dishes were my grandmothers, after she passed, my mother let me take them home. Thanks Mommy!! So you see we do a little more than eat bon-bons- We eat Jello!!
Many blessings

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Audrey said...

Hi mommy. I love your blog! I had a very fun day with you yesterday.