Abundant Living at Valley Oak

Thursday, June 6, 2013


A new couch, a new chair, and new pillows... All make a relaxing place to spend time. However there are two new chairs. I am not sure why I don't have a picture of my chair. Recliners, a woman's home decorating nightmare. Have you ever noticed that magazine homes never have recliners. They are real homes, with real people. I know, I read them! I also know I can never have a magazine worthy home, with my TWO recliners, but hey, life is short.
 Don't get me wrong... I would love to see my home look like a magazine, but I think I would feel confined, stuffy, lost. I mean where would I spill my coffee (happens all the time), where would I brush the crumbs from my late night snacks (this too happens all the time). How would I be able to rock, recline, lay-back, or just sit all in one space? 
I don't know how they do it... Power to zine people, you have my utmost devotion! Carry on!

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