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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Fashion Plate for big girls....

Hello Ladies-
As I noted the other day I have been enjoying my semester off. Perhaps, a bit too much. I have taken to the art of pintrest, and have fun pinning to my boards. While obsessed with the art of wasting time in a perfectly and utterly fun way, I found myself at polyvore also. Here are the outfits I created. It was fun, considering money was no object, as you can tell by the items selected! Fashion Plates for big girls, so fun. I am sure I will be way to obsessed for a few days and waste many hours that could be better spent doing something more mundane, like cooking and cleaning (not really-my family likes to remind me of their hunger issues). But if I work it right I can claim that I am working to increase my computer skills so that if the need should arrive I will be able to create and design the most interesting presentations ever imagined (not really- I stink at technology)! But it is worth a try!


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