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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Why have our waistlines increased???

While doing research for several classes I found this interesting graphic. It shows how our plate sizes have helped to increase our waist sizes. Today our plates hold much more food, which means much more food enters our mouth. The standard plate size prior to the sixty's was about the size of a Dixie plate, you know the little paper plates you use at picnics. Yes, the ones that require several trips through the line just to sample what is on the table. You know the old saying Looks can be deceiving, well our plates are certainly holding true.

Do you happen to own a set of your grandmothers dishes, her pretty china, used only for special occasions? Take a look and see if this theory holds true, are your plates bigger or is this graphic fibbing?

Did you know that Americans consume approximately 500 more calories per day than in 1970?

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Marysol said...

1. yes
2. the recipes, swirled cheesecake brownies
3. more recipes
4. How the plates are bigger now and we eat more. So now I must go buy smaller plates.