Abundant Living at Valley Oak

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Saying good bye

During our move we had our faithful little tag along... Hammy!!
She was Little's pet. Hammy was well loved and doted on as seen in her bling photo created by Littles. She made the trip with out incident... until the day we moved into our new home. She got sick a week before the move and was unable to rally back to health. We miss her dearly!! It left a small void for Littles, but we were thankful to have had hammy as a friend for more than 2 years. I thank the Lord for allowing hammy to find us (really we found her in a flower pot on our porch). She brought many smiles and laughs.

So farewell our fluffy friend, you are missed.

Hammy in her fancy Cinderella attire.
Thank you for the snack. Would you like a nibble?

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