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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Summer is over

I am heading back to school tomorrow. Pray that I will have no fear, thank you in advance for your prayers.
Thou I do not know what this year will bring, I look forward to this quarter. I have waited many years to finish my degree, it has now taken on a life force of its own. I want so badly to finish even if I never use my degree. Education has always been important to me since becoming a mother. I only wish I would have applied myself when I was younger. I am amazed at where I am in school... I am amazed with what I am learning.... I am amazed that I actually have a pretty good brain. I only wish I had done something more with it. :)
Life has changed so much this past year, it makes my head spin and my heart ache. Yet at the same time I am happy and know that I am right in the Lords will.
One daughter married and gave me the most beautiful grand daughter. My son start public school last year, his sophomore year and did wonderful. His scores were off the charts, I am thankful to see the fruit of many years of labor and hard work on both our parts. This year my youngest joined him, that was really hard. Audrey is the baby and a mommies girl. I must say it tore me up and broke my heart. I never thought that any of these changes would occur, nor can I say that I wanted them to. I can only say life must be lived, and live to the fullest no matter what. Our plan is for Audrey to return home this next year, and start attending community college. She will be well prepared I am sure of that.
Well I am heading off to bed for now, it is an early day for me. No more leisure---- until November 26 winter break starts. I can't wait.
blessings to all

ps I will post pictures of my most beautiful birthday gift tomorrow.

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