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Monday, August 3, 2009

Health Care Reform???

My husband I often talk about the world and it political bizarreness. I have been following the health care circus being played out, my mind often boggled by the solutions offered up. Awhile back we were talking about health care, almost laughing at the craziness of it all. One thing rang so true to us... the things that need to be done are what most of us don't want to do, particularly our eating habits and physical fitness.
I don't find it strange at all that average person is somewhat overweight (including myself). When sin entered the world, the Lord said man would toil for his food, he would work (and it was hard work) for his food. But in the last few centuries our desire to make life much easier has taken its toll on our lives. Our efforts to make life easier have caused a world of problems, yes we live longer lives, but with the help of medications, artificial supplements, and in many cases a poor quality of life. God did not design us to sit behind a desk, nor did he intend for us to toil for our food by wheeling a cart through a store carefully selecting the ample amounts of processed foods. Our bodies need physical work, so if we don't have jobs that lend to this, we should supplement into this area of our lives. I find it rather ironic that our efforts to make life easier, may very well be what kills us.

Just so you know, I have started a program couch to 3k. Love the name! I will check in weekly to let you know how I am doing. If you don't mind will you ask me about it to help keep me accountable for my choice. I needed to add this, because I know there is more that I can do for my health. We changed our eating about 9 months ago, and we both lost over 20 lbs. My cholesterol is normal now ( although I do have a inherited problem) that does require medical treatment, but lower doses are always better.

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