Abundant Living at Valley Oak

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The lazy days of summer.

I have found myself joyfully lost in the long hot days of summer. I am getting nothing done that needs doing, and doing everything that should wait. The temperatures have been over 100 degrees, so out of doors seems so miserable. Instead I find my self shut up in the house, fans blazing, shades drawn, and busy creating. I have managed to whip up some yummy deserts, and delicious dinners (photos to come). Yesterday was a blueberry coffee cake, well 2 actually, one for the family and one for the freezer. I also finished a dress for little Emma, and am diligently working on my fall wrap (I only had to start over... after I was almost done). I am so loving the colors of fall right now, it brings a hope of the fabulous colors and cooler temperatures. I have managed to finish one book and I am almost finished with The Enchanted Barn. So needless to say, I am doing nothing that needs doing and everything that I want. :) Have a wonderful day.

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Mom said...

I love this picture, I can put myself there.....I love you!