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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Talk about going green!!!

Today I decided to make homemade liquid hand soap. I used some soap that Audrey and I purchase this past Christmas while we were at Colonial Williamsburg. The scent smells so good, bayberry. Not thinking about the color, we set to work, and ended up with split pea soap. LOL Fortunately, it goes perfectly with my bath room. And this is a great frugal fix, less than 33 cents for huge container.

Step 1: grate 1 bar of soap (any brand will work, so pick your favorite).
Step 2: Poor 10 cups of hot water into the soap flakes, I used 8 because they were small balls. Stir until all flakes are dissolved. Allow to cool completely several hours. It will be watery in the beginning, but will thicken once cooled. It looks like slime.

Step 3: Poor into a storage container for refills. And fill up those empty containers. It will thicken while it sits, just give it a good shake and its fine.

Here is a shot of the colors in my bath, see perfect color.

Enjoy and have a blessed day

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Mom said...

My darling daughter, so totally amaze me! I love you so much.