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Friday, May 15, 2009

Creeping along

Sorry for being so sporadic lately. I have been consumed with homework, home school, and life in general .
What can I say about my chem class, other than arrrrrggghhhh! LOL Chemistry is one of those subjects that you struggle with then have huge break through, only to find your self wanting to pull all of your hair out again. Next fall, I will tackle my next chem class out of 7, calculus, and biology. I don't mind biology, it is my favorite subject. I actually love chemistry also.
Odd is now officially in high school, and done with school for the summer (all except algebra) I don't stop math in the summer. Jared starts his summer classes, PE at the college, and English at the high school. Public schools crack me up, they wouldn't give him credit for any of his 9th grade home school credits, yet he as a sophomore , tested into all college level classes. He also is taking AP English, yet he must take the 9th grade English again! What a waist of time!!!!
Well I will be back to normal in a few weeks, at least through the summer. LOL Have a great day.

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