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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Cast of Characters

Around my house we have a small cast of characters that frequently find themselves posted (for the world to see) on my little, itty, bitty blog.

Hubby aka The Cute Guy! I have been calling him that for a few years, my friends call him that, I've heard the parents and in laws occasionally refer to him as such. Then there is my son Jared, aka The Cute Kid, someday (soon) he will be a cute guy,too. Then there is Audrey, usually we call her odd... She likes it. Finally there is Sara, Sear-Bear, but she doesn't live here. Sara is married, with one very Cute Baby!!!!! So here they are in very technicolor.

The Cute Guy.
Is he working hard, or playing????

The Cute Kid!
I am sure he will just love this photo. ;)

"How many times do we need to tell you,
don't make us face the sun. LOL

Our state flag, filling in for Sara Bear (Sear-Bear) see the bear on the flag. LOL
Many Blessings from my home to yours.

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