Abundant Living at Valley Oak

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Events of the day

Whole wheat pasta, tomato sauce, pork chop topped with fat free cheese, and roasted asparagus. Very tasty!

I have been flying around all week long, today was no exception! I don't plan on leaving the house again until tomorrow. I forgot there is an 8 hour sale at albertsons. Argh. Yesterday I went and gave blood. Monday I had a few errands to run. I need to do some better planning. I usually try to get everything done on one day. Today was spent at a wight watchers meeting, and schooling Audrey. Also helping Audrey with setting up her etsy shop. She loves (obsessed) making handmade cards. The cute guy thought it would be a good learning experience for her. I even managed to get the bed linens washed. Whew! After all that, I made a wonderful dinner with the left over pork chops from last night. Yummy! Saturday will be our 1 cake decorating class. Audrey and I are looking forward to that.

have a blessed day

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